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About Us

About Us


We are a dedicated team of Dental Practitioners delivering exceptional patient care from 5 locations in the Greater Calgary area. Dr. Joe Holland, Dr. Chantel Jensen & Dr. Curtis Holmes apply the most current advances in technology to deliver an unequalled range of dental services to our patients. Our care procedures are based on what is in your best interest, not dental care that is compromised by insurance. We care for you and your family as we would care for own.

We always provide you with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where you and your family will be comfortable with every visit to see us. To maintain a beautiful smile, we encourage regular preventative dental care through periodic check-ups and cleanings. Our team are friendly and caring people, who want to make every visit comfortable and pleasant.

All services are provided by a general dentist.

Our Team

Why Us

Why Us

There are many reasons why you should consider DWG as your, and your family, Dentists.

We provide Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Care for your Entire Family. why-us-imgQuality dental care is about maintaining good dental health and that is important to all of us! From simply brightening your smile to extensive restoration, we will provide the professional care you demand.

We also go beyond good health, to good looks.

Exciting Cosmetic Options

• Professional strength tooth-whitening. http://www.zoomwhitening.com/en_us/teeth_whitening
• Knowledgeable consultation.
• Staff members with extensive training in cosmetic dentistry.


• Modern, high tech equipment and friendly inviting offices!
• Evening Hours
• On-Site Parking
• Handicap Accessible Building
• Flexible Payment Options

Call us today at (403) 259-2722 (Chaparral Dental) or (587) 955-9399 (Seton Dental) or (403) 259-2220 (Silverado Dental) to book your appointment!

Our Technology

Our Technology

Digital X-Rays

Adstra is otherwise known as digital or automatic x-rays. The benefits of digital x-rays are many. Adstra benefits both the patient and our dental office staff by reducing the harmful effects of radiation. Now, you will be subjected to about 90% less radiation than by traditional x-ray equipment.

We know that by coming in to see us, you are conscious of you and your family’s health and well-being. Because of this, we want to ensure that you have all of the benefits of x-rays with as few of the risks as possible. This new system is also environmentally friendly as it does not require harmful developing solutions.

With this technology, both the doctor and the patient are able to view the image from monitors which are located in each individual operatory. Adstra allows our dentists to diagnose treatment more efficiently and more effectively than ever before. This is because the digital x-ray allows us to see in greater detail any areas of periodontal disease, unerupted teeth, abnormal growths and the overall condition of your mouth. Therefore, digital X-Rays give precise diagnosis.

Inter-Oral Camera

oral-cameraThe old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” could not be truer when it applies to using the intra-oral camera. An intraoral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool. The tiny device is a video camera that moves around inside the mouth and generates a tooth by tooth video exam of the teeth. The images can be stored, and later enlarged and printed.

As it is nearly impossible to see inside your own mouth, intraoral cameras provide a previously unseen view. The pen-sized camera features a disposable cover to prevent contamination and is completely painless to use! As the camera moves around your mouth, it sends video images to a computing unit where the images are enlarged and transmitted to a television screen. This technology assists us and our patients by:

• Early stage detection of problems such as broken teeth, plaque, decay, gum disease, defective fillings and so on.
• Allowing our dentists to see larger images and therefore find potential problems that may have been missed using a traditional visual examination.
• Giving our dentists a visual tool to better explain to our patient the problem and the suggested solutions.
• Allowing both dentist and patient to effectively track treatment progress.

Laser Diagnosis for Treatment

tech-2As a patient, one of the services you ask us to help you with is the diagnosis of tooth decay. One of the most important things we do for you is find decay and arrest it so it doesn’t further threaten the structure of your teeth.

Since even the smallest area of decay can threaten your entire tooth, finding and filling cavities is the answer to preventing further problems of all kinds. Traditional methods of decay detection are not nearly as successful as our laser diagnosis. Cavities often hide along the small lines and grooves in your teeth. These elusive and often hard to find spots are unsafe with DIAGNOdent.

An additional benefit of laser diagnosis technology is that it requires less probing and picking to find the hidden pockets of decay… and that means a more comfortable exam for you.

In order to use the laser diagnosis capabilities, we will aim the laser onto one of your healthy enamel tooth surfaces to give us a baseline reading. We then continue scanning around your mouth, shining the laser into all areas. Anytime the laser encounters a surface that reads differently than the healthy baseline value, it emits a fluorescent light showing them as areas of concern.

Using DIAGNOdent technology allows us to catch more areas of decay sooner and with more precision. Further, it requires no x-rays and is a comfortable procedure. Not only can it help prevent the spread of decay, but detecting decay early means smaller and simpler restorations are required – saving you time, discomfort and money!

3D Imaging


3D Dental Imaging System allows us to provide quick, comfortable, and effective imaging for the most precise orthodontic diagnosis possible. One short scan, sometimes as brief as 20 seconds, can provide enough data for a thorough diagnosis. It’s a more cost-efficient method of diagnosis and 3D imaging exposes the patient to less radiation than a traditional CT scan. A 3D imaging session happens in an open and comfortable environment, the results are displayed quickly on-screen and Doctors are able to share data with patients. We know patients appreciate being informed and participating on their course of treatment.