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Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic dentistry is committed to tooth restoration for both esthetic and functional purposes.   And a key element to achieving a more youthful appearance is by rejuvenating your smile, which is at the center of your face.

Modern dentistry has many tools to restore teeth in a natural looking, more beautiful fashion. The combination of sophisticated bonding technology, along with the development of durable, enamel-like restorative materials, is making techniques – like the use of silver fillings – rapidly become a thing of the past.

A cosmetic restoration may be any of the following:

• A porcelain veneer that is bonded to the front surface of your teeth
• An all ceramic cap (full crown) that has no metal
• An inlay (a tooth-colored filling)
• An onlay (a tooth-colored filling)

Through the use of new materials and techniques, the color, shape, and texture of teeth can now be changed and strengthened for restorative purposes. This can be achieved with minimal damage to the tooth surfaces or the surrounding tissue, and while maintaining or improving esthetic quality.

While esthetic dentistry is certainly optional, it should not be viewed as a frivolous indulgence. Improving one’s appearance can boost self-confidence and improve quality of life. Patients usually feel renewed and attractive after an esthetic dentistry procedure. And while some patients tend to hide their mouths before the procedure, they typically leave the dental office with a huge smile on their face.

  • Invisalign

    Invisalign® is a new technology for straightening teeth. By using custom-made aligner trays, created specifically for the patient, we are able to initiate the straightening process in a manner that ...

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  • Implants

    The experienced professionals at DWG are pleased to provide permanent dental implants for our patients. We offer single implants or full arch replacements for patients with missing or failing teeth, ...

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  • Veneers

    Porcelain veneers are thin sheets of porcelain laid over your existing teeth. They are most commonly used to correct discoloured, damaged or misshapen teeth. They are also effective in closing ...

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  • Sterilization

    While taking care of your dental needs, we want you to be assured that your health is being attended to professionally and in a sterile environment. We steam sterilize all ...

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  • Sedation Dentistry

    There are many reasons why 50% of the population puts dental care at the bottom of their health care list. Some people are downright fearful while others have suffered bad ...

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  • Laser Dentistry

    As a patient, one of the services you ask us to help you with is the diagnosis of tooth decay. One of the most important things we do for you ...

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  • Fillings

    At some point in our lives, most of us wind up with a cavity. In most cases, a cavity calls for your dentist to remove the decay and to fill ...

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  • Digital Dental X-Rays

    Adstra is otherwise known as digital or automatic x-rays. The benefits of digital x-rays are many. Adstra benefits both the patient and our dental office staff by reducing the harmful effects ...

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  • Crowns & Bridges

    Dental crowns and offer a solution to missing teeth. Crowns, sometimes referred to as “caps” can correct years of embarrassing and often painful dental problems. Crowns are needed when the integrity ...

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  • Contouring of Gums & Teeth

    Is there a small defect in your smile that always draws your eye in the mirror? A chip in a front tooth, some worn edges, or shallow pits or grooves ...

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